Friday, August 29, 2008

Color Week - Friday (Blue)

It's the last day of color week (tear). I would like to thank Amy and Steph for initiating this wonderfully creative week. It was unbelievable how many new objects that I noticed in my life that I ignored. This week was a challenge, but the since of achievement is great!

Water is good, thanks Cicero Municipal Utilities

The name of the golf course is Bear Slide. Kind of makes you
wonder if there is actually bears on slides around Cicero?

This dove was just hanging out on the fence. It didn't
even fly away then Coach decided to scare it off.

This is hole 4 at bear slide. It only has a little
blue, but I loved the reflection on the pond.


Beth Carter said...

Scott I think you really out did yourself on blue day. I love the pics and I too love the reflection on hole 4. I question though were you golfing or working? I am jealous if you had the day off. It was a nice day.

the country life said...

I liked the dove on the fence very much. I guess Steph's artsyness is rubbing off on to you.

Sara said...

Agreed! Blue was your finest day. That bear in the S is adorable by itself. Well done!

Amy Kingman said...

Prettiest photos yet!!! Wonderful job! Love the bird on the fence. So peaceful. No wonder we always feel like we're on vacation when we visit you guys! Great job on color week Scotty! Loved your photos!

Steph said...

Love the bear slide sign!