Monday, September 15, 2008

Photo Week - Macro

The macro pictures this week were pretty easy. I visited the Manito Gardens, just south of downtown Spokane, Washington. The weather was unbelievable. There were thousands of flowers in the park, but I concentrated on the Dahlias, since it was the flower of my wedding. And my three year anniversary is this Wednesday, the 17th. Enjoy.

Close to the color and style of the flower used in my wedding.
This plant was nearly 4 feet tall.
The blooms were everywhere. What a beautiful plant!

A different style of dahlia. It is equally as beautiful.

One of the largest dahlias I've ever seen.

Notice the color change towards the center of the flower. This one is also humongous!


Sara said...

Scott - you romatic chap, you! Those are some beautiful flowers. Happy three years to you and the Mrs!

Jen said...

You're so sweet! And the pics look great. Happy Anniversary tomorrow!

Beth Carter said...

Nice pics Scott. You must be having a good trip with all this site seeing. Great way to remember your special day. Happy three years to ya.

Steph said...

Love the pictures, Love you!

the country life said...

Nice job, well done. I guess if you can't send her flowers, send her pictures of flowers for your anniversary. Good show.

Amy Kingman said...

Wow those photos are gorgeous!

Happy Anniversary! :D