Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Conservation Day

I attended the 5th annual Conservation Day at the Indiana State House today. It was an eye opening experience into Indiana politics. I attended as a member of the Hoosier Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society, for which I'm currently president-elect. I've really never been political guy, and don't plan on it. The Nature Conservancy hosted Conservation Day with the agenda to ask lawmakers to continue funding the Indiana Heritage Trust, increase funding for Clean Water Indiana, and passage of the Renewable Electricity Standard.

Indiana Heritage Trust buys land to protect Indiana's natural heritage for wildlife habitat and recreation. 100% of Indiana's environmental license plates help fund this cause. Some of the land that has been purchased by the IHT is wetlands that I've personally worked on. If you don't mind spending a little more money on your license plate, make it a environmental plate. You'll help provide a habitat for wildlife and have a place for you and your future grandchildren to enjoy.

Clean Water Indiana helps fund all 92 conservation districts in the state of Indiana. They offer local assistance to all your natural resource assistance and education. Contact your local office for more information.

Passage of the Renewable Electricity Standard - Greener Jobs Development Act. This law will require electrical utilities to have 20% of their energy from a renewable source by 2020 and expand net metering. This standard may be modified depending on what the Obama administration does towards renewable energy.

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Sara Therese said...

Very nifty, Sir President-Elect. Had my license plate dollars not gone to my alma mater, they would go to the environment plate. Keep up the good work!