Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Guess that Photo - Answer

Thanks for everyone who guessed! The winner is, Amy. She must really know her deer turds. While taking nature photos a few weeks ago, I stumbled onto this pile. Steph enjoyed this photo, because some day she's going to open up a poop museum (don't ask).


Darling Kelsey said...

Poop museum, uh? I can tell you about baby poop.

Jen said...

That pic def has to be in the poop museum. I like it :D

Thanks for letting us know what the pic was. I actually came back here yesterday to see if I had missed the announcement.

Amy Kingman said...

hahaha, do I win a copy of the print for guessing it?! I may have to donate it to the museum... or put it in my dining room, I'm not sure yet.