Monday, October 6, 2008

Photo Week - Sence of Sight

It's finally here, Photo Week!! Thanks to Jen for this weeks inspirations. The theme this week is Senses. To start it off, one of the senses that I think would be worst to be without. It is the sense of Sight. The world in darkness would be a horrific thing...

Kitter Bug

Sampy. I used my hand to cover the flash, and it put off this crazy red hue.

Lexi. The flash was defused through a white plastic 35-mm film case. You'll have to ask Steph about how to build one. She's awesome!

Coach. The flash for this picture was also defused as mentioned above. Side note about this picture, Coach is being persuaded with a treat.

My wonderful wife. She has beautiful blue eyes.



Steph said...

Kit is a stoner!

Jen said...

She totally is. Nice work Scott